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Latest case studies

- No money exchanged (at no cost for you, no contract, no exclusivity) our Company collaborates with you providing;
- original content
- advise about delivering a more coordinated image/content suitable to get Brands
- advise about more effective music, dubbing, trends to follow
- advise about more suitable outfits
- technical assistance about how to shoot videos for better results
- full post production, including editing and special effects
- advise about how often to post, when to post it, hashtags, etc.

All this to boost views/followers to attract lucrative brand deals

- You can, at any moment, just walk away, keep what you achieved, and never be charged.

 - We are confident that, after getting significant results, you will go on using our services (including editing, post production and FX).

- When that happens, you can choose to negotiate an agreement where we are paid a percentage of the revenues.

We can improve dramatically the average views with a single videos that a talent do with us (see below).


Anyway, you can double the average monthly views, even if videos are shot remotely (scroll further down).

This dancer's previous videos had an average of about 600 views.

The video he did with us got over 17k views.

It means that we improved views 28 times.


After contacting us and receiving our ideas.

Almost doubling followers and likes in less than a month

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